Automatic Refunds

No staffing or manual intervention required. Shipment progress monitored and claims submitted automatically - get your money back fast and never miss the claim deadline.

Increase customer retention and stay informed

We'll also keep you informed of potential service issues as they arise. When a delivery issue occurs, an email to your customer that lets them know that you're "on it", can make a huge difference to your customer's satisfaction and boost retention.

Privacy-Sensitive Solution

We take security and privacy very seriously. Our system was designed to meet the needs of industries like health care, where provincial and federal laws (PHIPA, PIPA, PIPEDA, etc.) place heavy restrictions to ensure information privacy complaince.

Capped, Flat-fee Billing

Each shipment refund costs the same, small flat fee. Higher cost shipments just mean you get a larger refund. To be sure our rates are always fair, we guarantee that your invoice will never exceed 40% of your refunds.

Always Profitable

No out-of-pocket costs. No monthly fees. No setup or cancellation fees. No fee for monitoring. We charge a small, flat fee for each refund, leaving you with the bulk of the refund.

Detailed Reporting

Helpful, informative and time-saving reports available from your dahsboad. For example, a report that summarizes your tax expenditures by type and province will save your finance team a huge amount of time and data entry when preparing yoru HST/GST/PST return.